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 Land Transportation 



Land transport service is concerned with transporting passengers and goods among the cities and seaports of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al Tayyar Travel Group is dedicated to deliver a wide range of services to our customers, land transport service is among one of the standard services that we offer.


Al Tayyar Travel Group has established the High Speed Transport Company Ltd to operate the service of land transport and it is the general sales agent for SAPTCO. The High Speed Transport Company Ltd also has a number contracts and agreements with many companies throughout the kingdom as well as internationally to provide the very best service for our customers.


Service characteristics:


     Providing the service of land transport for passengers in the most modern buses and mini-buses.


     Operating the service of passengers transport in special cars for five passengers.


     Insurance services for vehicles and passengers.


     Securing the service from governmental sectors, banks, institutions as well as Hajj and Umrah tour operators.


Land Transportation