Altayyar Group


We are invested in supporting our society with diverse initiatives that focus on aiding differently-abled individuals, needy families, environmental protection and ensuring inclusive progress.

Al Tayyar Travel Group is keen to support the nation’s communities and contributes extensively towards the fulfillment of the Kingdom’s community needs. The Group works ceaselessly to adopt and implement many community development initiatives in line with the Group’s values. The initiatives reflect a long-standing commitment to improving social conditions for all, through special corporate social responsibility committees formulated for the purpose of responding to different social needs. Relationships within the society are strengthened and every citizen is encouraged to join in working towards the country’s development.

The major objective of the Group is to positively contribute to society, not only through the provision of needed assistance, but also by empowering the sons and daughters of the Kingdom through employment opportunities designed to help them acquire the skills for individual as well as collective development.

Al Tayyar Travel Group offers sustained support through associations, foundations and social committees including:

  •  Charitable Society for Orphans Care.
  •  Prince Fahd bin Salman Charitable Society for the care of patients with kidney problems.
  •  Jazan Charity.
  •  The Group sponsors an institution that supports orphans in Makkah.
  •  Association of differently-abled people.
  •  Voluntary Health Association of Zamzam.
  •  Heritage Foundation.
  •  Prince Sultan Emergency Programs and Emergency Services.

Moreover, the Group also provides extensive support to multiple charities and sponsors many families and individuals with special needs.

His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Bandar honors Al Tayyar Travel group for their contributions and support extended to the charitable society “Itham” in Riyadh

Al Tayyar Travel Group supports the Charitable Society for Blind Riyadh with funds.

Al Tayyar Travel Group signs an agreement with the Women’s Mobile Clinic Charity supported with proficient doctors.