Altayyar Group


Al Tayyar Travel Group advises your choice of private language teaching programs, to suit all ages, in the best and most prominent language teaching institutes, approved by their countries’ respective government education in their countries, and recognized by the most prestigious educational institutions globally. The programs include visas, travel services, accommodation, health insurance, reception and transportation.

Service Features:

  • Special programs for children
  • Special programs for young adults 16+
  • Special programs for teachers
  • Special programs for both men and women over the age of 50 years
  • Special programs for corporates
  • Securing visas
  • Health, travel and all types of insurance services
  • Reception and drop off at the airport

For reservations and inquiries:

Tel: 00966114633133 Ext: 3237 / 3288 / 3313 

Call Center: 00966920012333

Mobile: 0505431038/ 0505431039 / 0505431078